Our Equipment

We can provide various material handling equipment based on your specific need. Whether you call them forklifts, telehandlers, or forks, we have them! From 5,000 to 12,000 lb. capacity with telescoping booms from 16′ to almost 60′ for any construction job!
360º within their own length. This ability provides unsurpassed maneuverability working in tight spaces. Skid-steer loaders with operating capacities from 700 lbs. to 4,000 lbs. are available. Safety features include a ROPS canopy or cab, boom locks and a seatbelt interlock system. All models include a low profile bucket.
Mini-excavators (under eight tons) allow you to work in tight spaces that large loader backhoes and full-size excavators cannot easily navigate. You can equip them with bucket variations (including grapple buckets), hydraulic breakers or ‘thumbs’ for boulders, beams or other materials needing precise placement.
Large aerial equipment fleet which includes personnel lifts; scissor lifts (indoor and outdoor); and straight and articulating boom lifts, including rough terrain (RT) models, with electric-, propane-, diesel- and gasoline-powered options.
Abrasive Blasting Equipment utilize compressed air to propel abrasive blast media against a work surface. Environment friendly and portable abrasive blasters are available for rent.
We provide a range of scissor lift rentals suitable for construction, industrial maintenance, entertainment, warehouse applications and more. You’ll be able to find scissor lift solutions with excellent maneuverability for narrow and compact spaces needing elevated work platforms as well as larger options with ample working space and heavy lifting capacity. Choose from a range of electric scissor lifts ideal for indoor applications and rough terrain scissor lifts for traversing slopes, uneven terrain and mud.
Versatile frame scaffolding gives you the ability to reach just about anything. Whether your specialty is construction, electric, maintenance, masonry, or you need to rent scaffolding for painting, steam cleaning, or sandblasting.
We have a wide selection of warehouse forklifts for rent with maximum lift heights around 16′ to 20′ and load capacities up to 10,000 lb.
Air compressors are offered in a variety of CFM (cubic feet per minute)/PSI (pounds per square inch) ratings, sizes and power (gas, diesel or electric). Towable air compressors provide efficiency, economy and productivity to jobsites.
Portable generators are perfect for small to medium jobs or as emergency backup power. From small gas-powered portable generators to larger diesel-powered portable generators, our full fleet includes construction-grade units loaded with quality features and power from 2 kW to 6.9 kW to satisfy even the most demanding applications.
This equipment can withstand the harshness of job cutting requirements on mid-sized jobs. Blade sizes range from 18-20″. From our operator-friendly design that makes handling and preventive maintenance easier to right and left cutting, these saws are packed with features for maximum performance.